GFA Southwold – Head tutor and franchisee


GFA Southwold has been operating since 2017 and has developed into a trusted and reputable fieldwork alternative to other national providers. GFA Southwold works with an established returning client base of schools, colleges and even the local University of East Anglia, whilst also regularly adding further schools as new customers. There is significant potential for future growth and continued expansion both within the town and the wider area. Within Southwold, Hunstanton and Ipswich we have established venue and accommodation partners to provide the facilities which we need to deliver high quality day and residential courses. Our teaching materials are established, accurate and to a consistent profession standard.

The role

We're looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and engaging geography teacher to become our new Head tutor to run all fieldwork operations for GFA Southwold on a franchise basis. You will have complete control as the owner of this business and will have the freedom to take the business in whatever direction you like. You'll need to coordinate with schools, deliver fieldwork courses to small and large groups of students and maintain relationships with local facility providers. You will also be responsible for accounting, marketing, insurance, safeguarding and recruitment of staff. As the franchisee you will be the person who earns the profits the business generates.


  • You will be taking over an already successful independent fieldwork business and can expect to earn between £30-40k a year profit* (*depending on the number of days fieldwork you deliver)
  • You will benefit from the foundations and startup investments already being established, including a fully-equipped teaching space in Southwold's Arts Centre, fieldwork equipment, mobile presentation equipment and a website.
  • You will be working in one of the UK's most desirable coastal towns with a hugely supportive local community and be on the beach every day!!
  • You will have the freedom and flexibility to arrange your working calendar completely how you want it.
  • You will be able to call on the advice and experience of GFA owner Chris Webster (who lives nearby) and James Timson (GFA Skegness) whenever you need it.
  • You will be able to work with a range of schools, teachers and students from across the country.
  • You will be your own boss, never have to mark exam questions or chase homework again!

The franchise arrangement

As a franchisee you will be the owner of the GFA Southwold business, working under the Geography Fieldwork Academy as the franchisor.

A formal contract detailing the full arrangement, financial commitments and support package will be signed between both parties before the contract commences.

This will include:

  • The financial terms of the GFA Southwold franchise
    PeriodFranchise costs
    Start-up fee£10,000.00
    Year 1 trading £1,000.00
    Year 2 trading £2,000.00
    Year 3 trading £3,000.00
    Year 4 trading £4,000.00
    Year 5 trading £5,000.00
    Ongoing annual costs thereafterCapped at £5,000.00 per annum
  • The agreed length and notice period of a GFA franchise
  • Your legal responsibilities as a franchisee

For more details or an informal chat to learn more about this opportunity, call Chris on 07907299910 or email on

GFA anywhere!! – Head tutor and franchisee

Having established GFA Southwold in 2017 and GFA Skegness in 2019, we're now looking for new opportunities to open a third branch somewhere else in the country. Where this is can be up to you. We'll support you getting started, with marketing and resource creation. We'll also be on hand for support and advice whenever you need it.

As a franchisee you will be the owner of your business and will benefit from all of the profits. You'll pay a one-off start up fee of £5,000 and an annual support charge of £1,000 after your first years trading, £2,000 after year 2, £3,000 after year 3, £4,000 after year 4 and capped at £5,000 thereafter.

If you would like to discuss your ideas or vision further please get in contact or give us a call. We ask that you are an experienced, enthusiastic and engaging geography teacher with a passion for fieldwork and working with students in the outdoors! If that is you please get in touch!

Call Chris on 07907299910 or email on

GFA Southwold 07907299910 / 01728860631
GFA Skegness 07398257944 / 01507603980